Week Two: Ideation techniques

I think like a lot of people attempting this week’s challenge I struggled with this one. Initially I had no idea what to do (somewhat ironic considering the subject focus for this week being creativity).

Fortunately going through some old documents I came across a short illustrated comic strip I believed is titled “We must not look at Goblin Men” by Holly Lucero 

“We must not look at Goblin Men” – Holly Lucero



The premise of the story being what a wolf might think and feel upon meeting a dog for the first time.

I decided to use opposite thinking to break down the assumptions of the initial piece with the intention of remediating the original’s negative portrayal of the meeting of a wolf and a dog to something more positive or affirming. I then learned that the depiction of the dog in question refers to a breed called Borzoi; specifically used by Russian aristocrats to go wolf hunting ( for anyone who is interested). After that the idea dissipated and I was unable to find something I could remediate the piece into. I altered a few of my solutions in the opposite thinking and decided to post what I had.

Opposite Thinking

Overall, I’m not sure how well I handled this challenge. While there are aspects I undoubtably failed in I’m not exactly sure if I succeeded in any areas. I don’t feel I truly adapted the piece properly into Opposite Thinking and I don’t think I was able to extrapolate all the assumptions of the piece or translated them across appropriately. I’m also unhappy with the proposed solutions as some don’t seem to be solutions at all. 

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